Special Handling (Cold Shipment, Dangerous goods, and Others)


  • Handling and shipping charges apply to each order and prices are subjected to change without notice. The shipping charge varies depending on the location and nature of the products. (e.g. storage temperature, goods with UN number)
  • Customers can choose their own carrier by using their own account under EXW terms.

Cold Shipment

In addition to the handling charge, there is a charge for cold chain shipments that are charged at cost, depending on the destination country or region. Preparation for cold shipments takes us about a week and shipment takes place only once a week.

Dangerous Goods

Some of the Reference Standards are classified as dangerous goods and have UN numbers. We engage the services of carriers who can handle such items in accordance with IATA regulations. Shipping charges vary depending on the delivery area. Shipment of dangerous goods takes about a week.


Some of the Reference Standards are legally restricted and need Special handling. This requires certain lead time and additional cost.

Items that require special handling are marked with a dagger(†) in the PMRJ Catalog below, and are marked with “special handling required” in the product details in our PMRJ Reference Standards Online Store.

PMRJ Reference Standards Catalog

PMRJ Reference Standards Online Store

If you wish to request for our products, please place your request through PMRJ Reference Standards Order / Quote Request Form. PMRJ quotes, each, have their own expiry date. The quotation given will not become valid until the customer has endorsed and returned it without any amendment.

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